Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29th :: More Herbs, Less Salt Day's More Herbs, Less Salt Day! I LOVE this day!  Not because I want everyone to stop salting their food, but because it actually justifies me buying indoor herb plants from the store.  I think most people can buy one and let it do its thing throughout the year.  Not me...I'm on track to kill one every week. You name it, I've bought it and let it die right on my kitchen counter. At least it looks good in the process :)

My personal FAVORiTE fresh herb "secret" is basil and cucumber water. Fill a pretty glass pitcher with water, slice half a cucumber into super thin slices and tear in a handful of fresh basil.   You'll feel like you're relaxing at a spa. I always try to have this in my fridge.  Something about seeing "pretty water" in a glass pitcher makes me want to drink more :)

In honor of today, here are some inspiring herb projects. Follow the link to see their full project or recipe!

[source: CLAIRE ZINNECKER on camille styles]
Loving this indoor mason jar herb garden!  Thanks for the "herbspiration" Claire!

Mint, cucumber and vodka cocktail anyone?  Thanks Martha, I'll definitely be making this tonight!

Be sure to check out Victoria's industrial cart herb garden!  Loving the black wall and herb mix.

Happy "More Herbs, Less Salt Day" however you choose to celebrate!

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