Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2nd :: Spalding Baseball Day

Happy Spalding Baseball Day!  What a great day to celebrate baseball.

Today is former MLB player and co-founder of Splading Sporting Goods, Albert Spalding's birthday!  Albert was born September 2, 1850. He is best known for starting Spalding Sporting Goods with his brother in 1876 and also for playing on (and managing) the Chicago White Stockings.

While Spalding is more currently notable for their basketballs, they actually are known for standardizing the early baseball too.  Who knew?!

Here is a great and easy baseball inspired project that will take only minutes. Remember to use a Spalding baseball if you want to get your full celebration on :)   My three year old starts t-ball in October, this project will be perfect for us!

Thanks to Kate at the Gaines Gang for the perfect idea, and thanks to Albert for perfecting the early baseball!


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