Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3rd :: US Bowling League Day

Today is US Bowling League Day...HOORAY!  Well because it's also Labor Day and you most likely have this Monday off, celebrate by going bowling! Where else other than a bowling alley can you wear rented shoes and eat pump nachos at the same time? Sounds like an afternoon of fun to me :)

Want to stay at home today and bbq this outdoor, kid-friendly bowling game with just a 10 empty soda bottles and food coloring.  Up the creative ante and make your own "bowling league" shirts. Everyone knows a matching shirt makes things more fun!


Check out this super cute & creative bowling party over at Vixen Made!  Ummm...I'm in detail heaven with the dipped Oreo bowling balls, pin jello cups and homemade bowling pins!  Go check out the link, the pictures won't let you down :)


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