Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6th :: Fight Procrastination Day

Happy Fight Procrastination Day!  In honor of today, I'm giving you a printable to help you "fight procrastinating about going to the grocery store day."  I think if we lobbied hard enough we could TOTALLY pass this as a national holiday :)

A few things about this printable...

1. As hard as I try every week, no, I unfortunately do not plan out breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I consider it a good week if I get all my "dinner" categories filled out. Actually, I consider it a good week if I fill out a shopping list. But, I figured if I made a line for breakfast and lunch I might just guilt myself into it :)

2. Yes, I have bacon as a pre-filled meat category...I blame that on only living with boys. 

3. Wine is often written in my "Misc" category...I blame it on only living with boys.  

Here is my procrastination to do list for today.  Someone better follow-up tomorrow to make sure I did it :)  In fact, let's make September 7th Follow-up With Your Friend To Make Sure They Didn't Procrastinate Day.

1. Call the insurance company to fix a bill.  (Or maybe I should just get super frustrated and bang my head against the wall now.  No...ok fine, I'll call but only because I'm celebrating today :)

2. Listen to my voice mails.  I hate it when you have one good vm hidden in between a whole bunch of junk.

3. Sign up again for my Flylady daily emails.  Does anyone else use this cleaning method?  I used to be pretty faithful, but sadly stopped (stupid procrastination). Fifteen minutes a day REALLY does make a difference :)

Rick click to save, download and print :)

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